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Setting up a Learning Log

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Quite a challenge for me, roll on mark making!


One thought on “Setting up a Learning Log

  1. Hi Nina
    Sonia passed on your blog site to me. You seem to be well away already, congratulations and welcome. One tip I’d give you at this stage is you can have any number of blogs on Since this is for a course and forms part of your assessment, I would advise setting up a test blog as well, which you can make private if you want,. There you can try out different things with how your site looks, try out themes and more experimental things to figure out how it all work. Then when you are happy with a set up, you can then put it into place on your outward public blog (ie here). This is something that I have only recently figured out myself and wish someone had told me much sooner ;-)!! To set up another blog, click on the W symbol top left, to get to the WordPress main page. Then click on ‘My blogs’ tab. Then click on ‘create new blog’ link near the bottom of the page. Then go through the same process as you went through creating this one.

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