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I excitedly received my Textiles 1 – A Creative Approach eager to begin, spent a week completing the induction course and another week setting up a blog.  Looked at the book list, ordered four from the library (too many to read in one go).  Sorted out my work space, my stash, read all the course notes.  Looked at examples of everyone else’s blogs, felt intimidated.  Did some mark-making, quite enjoyable.  Life got in the way for a couple of weeks, lost momentum, confidence and felt overwhelmed by the whole process.  Shall I work on the course, take photographs, read, go to exhibitions… finish another piece that has nothing to do with the degree course??

No.  I need to re-aquaint myself with wordpress (it’s a couple of weeks since I mastered the setting up of my blog!), introduce myself and get on with it.

I’m Nina, I’m married with two teenage children who are taking GCSE’s and A2’s this month – a bit stressful.

I trained in Personnel Management and worked for a City Bank for 12 years.  I left to spend more time with my husband who worked as a Sports Photographer, I retrained as a Sports Massage Therapist and later a Swimming Teacher and worked to fit around his hours.  Once I had children, I worked in schools and more recently retrained as a Florist.  Floristry hours proved difficult with fairly young children so sadly I left that trade and worked in my husband’s cycling photography business.  A practical, but uninspiring choice.

So, I blew the dust off my sewing machine at the beginning of 2012 and made a few cushions, had a go at applique and was inspired by Poppy Treffry to learn how to free-machine.  I had a lovely new machine for my 50th and played for a year at home.  I am just completing a year’s workshop-type course, 6 day’s a term, entitled ‘Inspiration to Stitch’ run by InStitches, based in Yateley.  It is an excellent practical sketchbook based course giving an introduction to many aspects of textile art and I was inspired to sign up to OCA.

I thoroughly enjoy exploring new techniques and learning but find it difficult to design and complete my own pieces, so my aim from this course is to develop into an artist who can produce original work and to help others find and develop their creativity.


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