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Textiles 1 – A Creative Approach – Building a Visual Vocabulary – Project 1, Stage 2 Making Marks in an expressive way

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Exercise 1

An example of my first attempts at making marks.


Exercise 2

Using different pencils to create different areas of tone:


Exercise 3

Using a broader range of materials:



I enjoyed using the dip pen above as the different nibs and pressures could create so many different values and details.




The Markal paintstiks demonstrated above were also very satisfying to work with.

They were easy to apply, drawing with the paintstik and then and rubbing with a finger to spread the ink and form another texture.

They can also be applied or spread with a brush or a toothbrush or drawn onto the edge of a piece of card or stencil and brushed off .




The above shows Markal paintstiks in the left hand column, the middle two columns demonstrate Faber-Castell oil pastels and the right hand column Sennelier oil pastels.   They all behave in a similar way but the Paintstiks and Sennelier pastels are really soft and feel luxurious to work with in my opinion.

The following are examples of Derwent Coloursoft pencils and some water-soluble pencils, all of which had good pigment and I would choose to use in the future.



The following illustrate some of my attempts to work in an expressive way making marks in relation to words.




It was interesting to note how difficult it was to convey speed without just using the drawing implement quickly and how some marks just looked or felt wrong.  I felt my best efforts for ‘fast’ were achieved with a paint and a combination of a wet and dry brush in on the bottom left – middle of the following sheet in purple and green.


Continuing with paint, I looked at slow and smooth.  Slow was difficult and I didn’t achieve anything that expressed ‘slow’ this time.  I expressed smooth with paint by using good quality paint with a high pigment onto a wet page or a dry page with quick, even coverage.  I found the Reeves pan watercolour more difficult to produce this effect than the Koh-i-noor which was very effective as shown in turquoise and orange on the second page below.



Attempts at hard and soft are shown below.  I didn’t feel I expressed hard very effectively, although the most solid black patches below made with watercolour paint and a black sharpie were the closest.  ‘Soft’  using charcoal oil pastels, 8B pencil and Markal paintstik were all reasonable with the willow charcoal used lightly in circular motions then rubbed with a fingertip and the slate blue markal paintstik being most effective.


The following is my expression of sensuous in paint.



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