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Tackling the ‘Can’t draw’ mental block

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Faced with the realisation that my reluctance to record information in a sketchbook was hampering my progress and affecting my motivation, I felt I had to find a way to overcome my negative thoughts.

I started by re-reading the course notes which state that

– the work I do in sketchbooks is as important as the more structured course work.

– drawing is an important part of the process of developing my own design and imagery.

– Textiles is a visual medium and drawing will help me to develop my ability to think visually.

– any preconceived ideas of what is and isn’t drawing should be discarded and I should experiment as much as I can.

– Textile workers sketchbooks are to accumulate material for potential use in textiles so they focus on texture, colour and structure.

In addition, I re-read

Greenlees, K (2005) Creating Sketchbooks for Embroiderers and Textile Artists, London, Batsford

Hedley G (2010) Drawn to Stitch London Batsford

All the information was useful BUT THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR DOING.  No amount of beautiful books or reading material will put work in my sketchbook.  I just have to do it…  so the most pertinent point now is

“Recognise what excites me, what has meaning for me and capture it in any way I can”.









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