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The above is an attempt to record the texture of a rusted metal table.  I tried to work quickly as I am aware that my fear/concern of not be able to ‘draw’ often means I spend far too long thinking about how to do something and not actually doing it.   I think its a reasonable ‘quick’ effort but feel I resorted to this style of working as I’m comfortable with it and it was an easy way out.

The following are attempts to record a gerbera.   I tried different media and forced myself to keep drawing it until I felt comfortable and was really looking at the flower and seeing the true form and nuance of colour.


This following is a sunflower drawn soft pastels, coloured pencils and acrylic inks.  I thought acrylic ink would be a good medium as I would have to work quickly, but  I felt frustrated as I couldn’t achieve the detail I wanted.  I persevered and used a combination of media until I achieved something I was happier with.


So, I have spent a fortnight working at how I could record things in my sketchbook and whilst I have little to show (that I’m prepared to post here), I have learnt a lot about how narrow- mindedly I am thinking – how, despite being mesmerised by Van Gogh’s use of marks to create beautiful pictures, I am forgetting to use different methods and keep reverting to my ‘old school’ view of trying to produce a perfect replica of a still life.


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