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Still forcing myself to add to my sketchbook before moving on to stitch.  This was my most ‘comfortable’ drawing so far.  I had sketched the sunflower several times using acrylic inks, pencils and soft pastels and noticed how the petals were in layers. This was drawn with a mixture of coloured pencils, some cheap ones which are harder and give more of a line, Derwent Coloursoft which I love and some new Staedler aquarell which I didn’t wet in this case.  I also used Stabilo fineliners.   I drew the bottom left sunflower first I was fairly happy with the drawing but not the outline which I had drawn with a pen first. The second two I just worked with lines to create the petal shape which was more appealing than my ‘default’ method of trying to draw a perfect outline.  I shaded the background with a soft pastel.  This work made me feel I had made progress.


I was also pleased with the following which was copied from a photograph I took of some footprints in the sand.  I tried to think more of mark making than drawing an outline of the shape.



The picture below is a rusting painted table.  I like the bottom left hand corner as it depicts the subtle rusting following the original paintbrush lines.  Although the rest of the picture captures many aspects of the rusting table, I think it would benefit from being broken down into smaller segments.  I chose two other areas of the table with the viewing window and these follow on below.




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