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Textiles 1 – A Creative Approach – Project 2, Stage 2 Exploring marks & lines through stitch techniques

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Above and below are examples of my exploration into marks and lines free-stitched on a Bernina 330 onto calico bonded to medium weight vilene (F220).


I am familiar with free machining but have always wanted to explore whip, feather and cable stitch so this was a new venture for me.  I’m not sure how I failed to notice that I was tightening, rather than loosening the tension screw on the bobbin (I was following an instruction in a book rather than my machine manual!!)  However that afternoon’s work was frustrating as I determinedly adjusted the top and bottom tension by degrees hoping to get a spectacular example of feather stitch.  The two samples below are stitched with the bobbin too tight.




When, in desperation, I focused fully on the bobbin and realised the error of my ways, I loosed the bobbin and stitched the following samples which matched the ‘spectacular’ outcome I was hoping for.




I really enjoyed this exercise and tried lots of different types of thread.  I feel confident that I now have good control over my bobbin and top tension to create different effects and have tried a reasonable variety of threads to identify those which don’t work so well and those which give particularly good textural results.  I am really looking forward to using these techniques in my work.



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