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Textiles 1 – A Creative Approach – Project 2, Stage 3 A sample


In considering the drawing to use for this sample, I was very keen to pick something which would enable me to experiment with cable stitch.  I selected a 5 minute sketch of some bark.   As the sketch was almost in black and white, I decided to stick to a limited colour palette which was influence by the piece of smoke grey linen I selected as a background.   I wanted to capture the different tones of grey in the sketch and create a textural piece which reflected the light and would encourage a closer look.



Overall, I am very pleased with the results.  I have always admired this type of work but not tried it.  Initially, I was worried that my stitching wasn’t capturing the essence of the sketch, but as I worked I could see that some stitches looked static and others created some movement and managed to let the ideas evolve from the drawing.   I found it useful to work from the sketch as it gave me some parameters to work within and a definite outcome to aim for.  In the past I would have been happy to experiment but without a focus, may not have felt as satisfied.  The following is the same sample in a slightly larger scale.



2 thoughts on “Textiles 1 – A Creative Approach – Project 2, Stage 3 A sample

  1. Nina this has really capptured something and does give a good sense of texture. I really think stitching is a great strength.

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