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Textiles 1 – A Creative Approach – Project 2, Stage 5, Stitches which create texture

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The above is a sample exploring hand stitches and materials which create texture, details of which are noted beneath the sample.

I selected materials in Stage 4 to help decide which drawing I would use for my next piece and,when I started this, I chose my least favourite selection of three, intending only to stitch a few individual stitch samples, but got carried away.   As as exercise in not being inhibited, using thin, thick, matt, shiny threads, working in a haphazard rather than formal way, this has been successful.  It was inspired by the bark collages, the materials were carefully selected, but I’m not sure I was really focusing on recreating the texture of the bark as I stitched.   I think its a bit too haphazard and feel I achieved a more cohesive piece on the grey linen in Stage 3.    However I really liked the effect of the paper string which looks a bit like pine needles, the knitted background was very easy to work with the thick yarns and was effective.  The stitches all suited the piece, although I would use some of them differently if starting again.  French knots are very versatile and stem stitch is particularly useful for creating movement and curved lines with different weight threads.  I didn’t like the use of raffia in this case and the moss green braid was a bit too chunky and needed more work to incorporate it into the piece.

This was was a useful experience.  I enjoyed working on the sample and whilst I’m not sure I like the overall composition, it makes me want to touch it and explore the texture, which is a step in the right direction.

Here is the sample again on a slightly bigger scale:



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