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Textiles 1 – A Creative Approach – Project 2, Developing your marks Review and Reflection

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Can you begin to see the relationship between stitching and drawing?

Definitely, this is very clear.

Were you able to choose stitches which expressed the marks and lines of your drawings?

Yes, I think, on the whole, I chose stitches which expressed my drawing.

Did you choose the right source material to work from?

Yes I chose the source material which excited me most, in a colour combination that inspired me and which gave me an opportunity to really explore the machine techniques which involved adjusting the bobbin tension.

Do you think the sample works well irrespective of the drawing? or is the sample merely a good interpretation of the drawing?

I believe the sample works well irrespective of the drawing and is also a good interpretation.

Which did you prefer – working with stitch to create textures or working with yarns to make textures?  Which worked best for you and why?

I concentrated my efforts on working with machine stitch to create textures and that worked well for me as I mastered some new skills to create texture and identified ways to use the new stitches to influence how colour can be affected.  However,  I am very keep to explore working with yarns in more depth and intend to create a collection of sample references.

Make some comments on individual techniques and sample pieces.  Did you experiment enough?  Did you feel inhibited in any way? 

I have commented on the techniques I explored as I posted pictures of each sample.  I feel I could have experimented for some weeks …. and didn’t feel inhibited in any way.  I was conscious of my deadline approaching and as this is an area of particular interest, I didn’t want to rush it.  I intend to increase my variety of yarns, which was limited to some quite dreary and dated samples and explore hand stitch and colour in detail.

Did you prefer to work from a drawing or by playing with materials and yarns to create effects?  Which method  produced the most interesting work?

Although I like playing with materials and yarns, I have discovered that I am much more focused and experimental when working from a drawing, which resulted in more interesting work.

Is there anything you would like to change in your work?  If so, make notes for future reference.

I mentioned in an early post that I would be more careful about using heavy weight thread on a delicate piece.  It would have been wise to experiment with the six strand embroidery thread before working on the main piece, but I have learned by my mistake and developed other techniques in an endeavour to correct my mistake without unpicking.

The background I used was too small and frayed as I worked.  A larger piece would have been more practical.  The hoop was also a little too small.  I also worked on the final piece in quite a haphazard way as I was experimenting.  I think I would lay down more of the background machine stitch before adding hand stitch and considered where I would use cable stitch so I could it all at the same time (or at least the majority) rather than keep turning the fabric over to work from the opposite side.


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