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Part 2 Building a visual vocabulary – Project 3 Colour – Stage 2 Colour perception Exercise 1

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The colour temperature is affected by surroundings, the blue of the square is on the cool side of the spectrum and appears cooler on the warm yellow and orange and a little less so on the green and appears brighter and warmer on the purple, pink and brown squares.


The red of the middle square is just into the warm side of the spectrum as it is quite an orange red; it appears darker and cooler on the bottom green, yellow and orange warm squares and appears lighter, more orange and warmer on the pink, purple and turquoise blue cool squares.


The green appears brighter & warmer on the purple and magenta; duller and cooler on the duck egg blue and orange; brighter on the red than the duck egg blue but not as warm as on the purple so cooler than on the purple but not as cool as on the orange.  Green also appears brighter and warmer on the blue than on the orange.


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