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Part 2 Building a Visual vocabulary – project 3 Colour – Stage 4 Colour moods & themes

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This exercise asks us to identify a colour mood or theme that we are drawn to and make a colour bag using scraps of fabric, yarns and coloured papers.  I have organised much of my ‘stash’ into colours and find it frustrating to have additional colour bags to store, especially when I am looking for a particular thread that is hidden in a previous colour selection, so I have chosen to record colour moods that I love by making a collage in my ‘Colour’ Sketchbook.


Ribbon, braid etc stored in colour bags.


An image I was attracted to torn up and stuck into the book with added snippets of fabric, decorated papers, ribbon, hand dyed scrim etc.


A second collection inspired by a magazine advertisement for paisley wall paper.

I really enjoyed this method of mixing and matching colours and textures and will continue to experiment in this way.


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