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Part 2 Building a visual vocabulary – Project 3 Colour – Stage 5 Coloured Stitches

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The exercise is designed to explore colour theory.  I started with a piece of black drill, which was way too thick and difficult to stitch into.


I wasn’t at home but was kindly donated a piece of black net, it probably has a more accurate descriptive name as it is very soft, with a lovely drape and really nice to work into.   Without a solid black background, the stitches don’t show up well.


Much improved by placing on a black background


As I used machine stitch in Stage 2 Project 2, it was useful to use hand stitch this time which illustrated how the light reflects on the shiny and matt threads and the subtle contrasts that can be achieved with this and stitching in different directions.

I found it difficult to identify colour changes in my sample.  I can see that the denser the stitch the more concentrated the colour but was more aware of how an adjacent colour affects the appearance of another colour when working an earlier sample. (Project 2, Stage 6).

I was very excited by the effect of the underside of the yellow cross stitch showing through the net (and the running and smaller french knots to a lesser extent).


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