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Part 2 Building a Visual Vocabulary -Project 3 Colour – Stage 6 Combining textures and colour effects

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Reviewing Project 3:

Were you able to mix and match colours accurately?

I was able to match colours accurately.  Initially I had a little difficulty with the pinks and could see that my reds weren’t quite ‘magenta’ enough to make the colours I was aiming for.  Once I found an alternative red, I was happier with the outcome.

Were you able to use colour expressively?

I was able to used colour expressively, but I feel I am still reticent in this area, lacking confidence.

Can you now see colour rather than accepting what you think you see?

I can now see more colour than before completing the exercises and know how to look for it rather than imagining what I think is there.

Did you prefer working with watercolours or gouache paints?  What was the difference?

I much preferred working with the gouache, I felt I had more control over the mixing.  My watercolours are a small pan set and I found it difficult to remain consistent with the intensity of the colour and to mix enough in a particular shade.  I loved the intense, matt finish of the gouache and felt it was easier to mix and see very slight changes in the shade.

How successful were the colour exercises in Stage 5 (Coloured stitches)?  How did they compare to the painting exercises?

I don’t think they were entirely successful.  It took me a while to understand what I think I was being asked to achieve.  I could build up masses of colour, change the proportions, isolate colour etc but when it came to “noting down the colour changes that occur, the effect of the amount of background colour and the effect of the proximity and proportion of the second colour”, I couldn’t find the words.   The same applied to Exercises 1 & 2 of Stage 6 Combining textures and colour effects.  I could note some colour effects but wondered if I’d missed something and spent an inordinate amount of time stitching french knots until I could see the colour effects better.  As a result I became stressed about not meeting my deadline as I had spent so long on this section and the previous colour mixing exercise.  The painting exercises were useful and they were a good way to practice mixing colour.

Is there anything you would like to change or develop?

I was disappointed not to have the time to try a colour exercise working with water-soluble fabric and machine embroidery.  I was very tempted but could see that the hand stitch was better suited to the exercise of combining textures and colour effects.  If I didn’t feel the pressure of time, I would have done this exercise too.

I would like to continue to develop most aspects of this stage, I didn’t particularly enjoy cutting and sticking coloured squares but it helped to illustrate colour perception.

I enjoy colour and will continue to keep a colour sketch book and explore colour combinations.  I love free-machining and hand stitch and will explore combining the two, using different grounds and colours and textured/decorated paper.

I particularly want to continue to try and work more freely, I feel that my work is  ‘tight’ and I have to work hard not to revert to neat & tidy and controlled.


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