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Sketchbook – 9/9/2014

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Looking through my media library, I realised that I hadn’t posted  this in September.


Constantly aware that I should be doing more in my sketchbook, early in September, using a design on a Schweppes label, I sat down to paint some patterns.  Initially I tried to copy the the designs, but the result was ‘stiff’ and had no energy.


I persisted and found that working faster gave the work more character.


I collaged a corner of a page and liked the effect so collaged a page with a combination of brown paper, tissue and hand made paper and painted onto it.


Inspired by my efforts, I made some ‘fabric paper’ by laying a piece of muslin onto a piece of freezer paper and collaging a mixture of papers on to the fabric with watered down pva.  Left to dry overnight, it can be peeled off the freezer paper easily and stitched into.  I found it hard not to be neat and precise with my free-stitched spirals (above) and tried to work faster and move the paper more haphazardly below.


Lots of examples and details of making ‘fabric paper’ can be found in the following book.

Perkins, K (2009) Stitch Alchemy Interweave Press LLC


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