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Part 2 Building a visual vocabulary – Project 4 Developing Design Ideas – Stage 4 Developing Design Ideas

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This stage is about taking some of my original drawings and using them as a new starting point to generate ideas.  Initially I was concerned that I was just playing and not making progress but after I while I realised I was developing new ideas.



Some experiments were more successful than others, but by continuing to try different media and colours, I felt I was progressing.



The colour combination of the bottom right is my favourite, with bottom left coming a close second and prefer the busier spirals of the bottom two.  I also tried acrylic ink onto wet paper with I would consider exploring further:



Starting with another drawing, a favourite from earlier:


I looked at layering oil pastels again and scraping:


Although this wasn’t entirely successful, what I liked was the lines I had scraped, which are not easy to see.  So I worked on using those in different ways:



and arrived at the following:


I like bottom right hand corner of the picture and love the orange and green on the white background and will definitely explore this further.

I felt less successful with the following:


I started with the small drawing in the middle left, I thought it was a bit simple for this purpose but loved it so gave it a go.


At the time, I couldn’t work out how to take it forward and decided that I probably loved it for the colours.


I can see now I could have developed the leaf pattern and the colours further and may return to it later.


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