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Part two Building a visual vocabulary – colour, design, printing and painting – ASSIGNMENT 2 – Reflection

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I feel I have made progress during this assignment, I can successfully mix colours in an informed way, rather than by chance.  I notice colour much more in my surroundings, but have not developed the habit of recording my observations on a regular basis.

I have a much wider understanding of paints, soft pastels and oil pastels, markal paint sticks, water soluble pencils and crayons.  I have developed my knowledge of printing using a variety of materials.

I can see there is a process to developing visual ideas and that I am capable of using a number of techniques to generate ideas.

I am beginning to acknowledge the things which are more visually exciting to me, am more aware of negative space and visual energy.

I had a brief ‘epiphany’ moment when making a drawing in Project 4, Stage 2, Exercise 2 when we were asked to decide what it is that it important to us, colours, textures or shapes and that we need to have an emphasis,  a point of view, or attitude when drawing, to be aware of a particular quality we want to emphasise and be selective about what is included and what is left out.  I felt an emotional connection for the first time, a pleasure at recording something visually exciting and a glimpse of how good that can feel and how selecting imagery exciting to me will positively influence my drawing.

My work is in order, presented in a way that I will be able to refer back to easily.  It was a new experience to make the junk books, by taking an idea and experimenting until it worked for me.  In the past I would have looked for strict instructions on how to make a book and followed them precisely.  I was encouraged to be more creative and work more freely.

I am overall pleased with the quality of my practical work in this section, have worked consistently with commitment, a little more freely and with more expression.

I have not developed my sketchbook work sufficiently and, although more confident, need to develop a habit to work on it regularly.

I have gathered more source material, researched the presentation of work, subscribed to and read Selvedge & Embroidery Magazines and visited a textile fair locally and The Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace but have not been disciplined in recording these effectively.

I am disappointed with my application to reading research material not related to practical work.  I usually enjoy reading and am particularly inspired by books by artists illustrating their work and discussing techniques.  I previously attempted to read Textiles Today A Global survey of Trends and Traditions and recently The Textile Reader by Jessica Hemmings which I have picked up numerous times but failed to read.  I will join the library at UCA Farnham in the next few weeks to address this aspect of the course.

I have immersed myself in the subject, but need to work on the balance between coursework and the more self-driven aspects of the course.


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