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Books referred to during Assignment 2

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Bautistia, T. (2006) Collaged Unleashed North Light Books

This is a craft book encouraging a playful, messy, let-go approach to collage which I bought on-line, on impulse.  It is full of fun, scruffy, colourful approaches to decorating paper, printing, transparencies, doodling, binding hand made journals.  It was enjoyable to flick through and inspired me to play and to experiment with making books from found papers.

Beaney J Littlejohn J (2000) A Complete Guide to Creative Embroidery Batsford

Mentioned before, this is a comprehensive, informative book containing a wealth of information on designing to embroider and stitched images.

Caprara J (008) Exploring Colour d4Daisy

Also referred to in an earlier post, this is an inspirational book to me, full of vibrant colour and inspiring experimental approaches to hand stitch and colour.

Deighan, H. (2001) Dyeing in Plastic Bags  Crossways Patch

A well explained and clearly illustrated method of dyeing in plastic bags, making hand dyeing possible in the kitchen at home.

Deighan, H.  (2003) Magic Dyeing Made Easy  Crossways Patch

More experimental, progression from the above.  Accessible method of tye-dyeing.

Dunnewold, J. (2010) Art Cloth: A Guide to Surface Design for Printing. Interweave Press

A really useful contribution to this assignment, a newer publication than the Helen Deighan books including more advanced instruction on dyeing and other methods of producing layered art cloth, clearly explained with good  illustrations.

Hornung, D. (2004) Colour, A Workshop for Artists and Designers

A comprehensive book which can be used as a reference manual intended as a guide to a practical workshop.   I found it very useful but not an easy read.  As I am very interested and excited by colour, I will probably refer back to it as I increase my experience of colour and become more experimental in future.  It includes a wealth of information for professional artists but lacks the visual excitement of newer more vibrantly illustrated publications. 

Morgan L. & Benn C. (2006) Tray Dyeing 4-Print Ltd

An amazing book on tray dyeing fabric from two masters of their craft, referred to for a dye recipe on this occasion but one of the gems of my library.

Stein, Susan (2010) The Complete Photo Guide to Textile Art

A well presented book covering easy to follow methods for simple surface design techniques with numerous photographs to cover each technique.   Perfect to prompt consideration of many printing possibilities.


I also discovered ‘kindle unlimited’ available on Amazon, where books in their kindle unlimited library can be ‘borrowed’.  I found this a really useful service.  I was faced with a long train journey, searched the craft section (there were more books here of interest to me during this assignment than in the art section)  and downloaded 10 books which I flicked through during my journey.   Using kindle through the ipad app, I was able to bookmark pages of interest to me and then return to them later to take notes. A valuable resource.

I enjoyed the following in this way, there were interesting points to note in each book and I would consider purchasing the Jane Dunnewold book.

Dunnewold, J. (2010) Art Cloth: A Guide to Surface Design for Printing.  Interweave Press

Delaney Barbara (2011 The Cloth Paper Scissors Book: Techniques and Inspiration for Creating Mixed-Media Art. Interweave Press LLC

Walker, Chris (2014) How to Draw Anything for Absolute Beginners:  How to Start Drawing like a Pro Even if You Have No Drawing Experience. Chris Walker

McDonald, Quinn, (2011) Raw Art Journaling. North Light Books

Burke, Alisa (2011)    Sew Wild Creating with Stitch and Mixed Media. Interweave Press LLC

Leland, Nita (2011)   New Creative Collage Techniques: A step-by-step guide to making original art using paper. North Light Books

Dorit, Elisha (2009)  Printmaking + mixed media : simple techniques and projects for paper and fabric. Interweave Press LLC

Wakley, Dina (2013)  Art Journal Freedom. North Light Books




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