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Understanding the Textile World – Textiles Now by Drusilla Cole

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I have, as promised, joined the library at UCA Farnham and have enjoyed Textiles Now by Drusilla Cole.  (Cole D. (2008) Textiles Now Laurence King).

It is comprehensive collection of mostly three-dimensional contemporary textile designs selected by Drusilla Cole.  I thoroughly enjoyed the book and made a note of my favourite pieces.

The book is divided into three sections, Contructed being the title of the first section in which I was drawn to some striking examples of Jessica Preston’s work which can also be seen here:

Although I’m not inspired to try and make a sculptural textile piece in this way, I was drawn into her work and fascinated by what she has achieved by pleating and folding cotton.  I love the contrast in the monochrome samples and the detail in all the pieces.

I also really admired Anna Kyyro Quinn‘s cushions in sculpted felt, I like the movement the curves create in the felt, the rhythm, light and shade created by the structure. Examples of smaller interior design pieces can be seen here:

Although she also has an impressive portfolio of acoustic panels here:   and

The delicacy and apparent softness of Jeung-Hwa Park’s work is also very appealing.  She combines knitting and felting to create innovative scarves.

In the Dyed, Printed and Painted section of the book, I enjoyed the work of Isabella Whitworth whose hand painted silk crepe de Chine scarves ‘Stalks’ and ‘Meadow’ attracted me with their use of colour.

I liked a dyed and discharge printed piece of Iseta silk cotton and viscose silk satin bonded together to produced a wall hanging inspired by a chestnut by Lorna Davis but I haven’t been able to find any similar pieces of her work to show you here.

A delicately machine embroidery in a graphic leaf pattern on sheer polyester organza by the Design Team Nya Nordiska caught my attention but there isn’t anything very similar in their current collection.

I also liked a dip-dyed mauve cashmere piece printed and stitched in a line drawing design of tree peonies by Saori Okabe in collaboration with Elena Tsyptakova which I think must have been produced when they were studying together as I can’t find any work or up to date information about them.

The Mixed Media Stitched Textiles section included work by Poppy Treffry who deserves a special mention as it was her simple but effective free-stitched applique that inspired me to get my sewing machine out three years ago and set me on this creative path.

Whilst looking for examples of work by the artists I admired in the book Textiles Now, I came across more fabric manipulations here:


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