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Part 3 Creating Shapes & Three-dimensional Forms – Project 6 Manipulating fabric – Stage 1 Preparation

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In this section I have noticed my tendency to overwhelm myself with research and information on the practical technicalities to compensate for a lack of confidence on the Research Points and a continued lack of development through drawing but think I have taken a huge step forward in developing designs through experimentation and have learned and practiced many new techniques.

Stage 1 Preparation

I did not heed the ‘Too much fabric will only confuse you when you work’.  I have a large stash of fabric and set about selecting my most favourite and pinning it to two polystyrene boards.  As many of my favourite samples are quite small pieces I was reluctant to cut into them, but it would have been a good idea.  Also, with hindsight, I would have looked more closely at Stage 2 before making my selection as it took a long time to whittle down fabrics which could work with my drawings which could have been better spent developing ideas.

DSCN2912 DSCN2913


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