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Bibliography – Assignment 3

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During this assignment, I have read extensively and made notes from some of the books.  They have all been of interest but, for the practical work, Contemporary Applique by Julia Triston and Rachel Lombard was indispensable and inspirational.  Fusing Fabric by Margaret Beal and Layered Textiles by Kim Thittichai were also very useful as I had no previous knowledge of heat tools.

Beal, M (2007) Fusing Fabric (Batsford) – A comprehensive, easy to follow introduction to working with a soldering iron.

Beaney J and Littlejohn J (2000) Complete Guide to Creative Embroidery (Page 94  Rediscovering Applique) – Interesting samples of textural applique work.

Beaney J (1997) Vanishing Act (Double Trouble Enterprises) – as above

Dodson B ((1985) Keys to Drawing (North Light) – helping me try different approaches to drawing

Campbell-Harding V & Grey M (2006) Stitch Dissolve Distort with Machine Embroidery (Batsford) – lots of useful information in here, of particular interest to me – dragging and experimenting with machine stitch.

Cole, Drusilla (2008) Textiles Now (Laurence King Publishing Ltd) – interesting collection of work and information on some of todays textile designers. 

Edmonds J (2009) three-dimensional Embroidery (Batsford) – Some contemporary examples of manipulating fabric.

Greenlees, Kay ( 2005) Creating Sketchbooks for Embroiderers and Textile Artists – A reminder of what to gather and differing approaches to sketchbooks

Grey M (2006) Raising the Surface with Machine Embroidery (Batsford) – not much for this assignment but a bit about bondaweb and heat tools.

Hedley, Gwen (2004) Surfaces for Stitch – a bit about Tyvek and heat tools.

Holmes C (2010) The Found Object in Textile Art (Batsford) – Considering re-cycling theme and good section on sketchbooks

Holmes, Val (2003) The Encyclopaedia of Machine Embroidery (Batsford) – reminding myself of a few techniques

Issett R (2007) Print Pattern & Colour (Batsford) – fantastic book I couldn’t get hold of during last assignment, love her use of colour.

Issett Ruth (2009) Colour on Cloth (Batsford) – as above

Leland, Nita (2011) New Creative Collage Techniques  (North Light Books) – a few ideas, read it on a kindle on a train,

Meech Sandra (2009) Connecting Art to Stitch (Batsford) – Looks interesting, borrowed to look at for ideas for theme book.

Parrott Helen (2013) Mark Making (Batsford) – Loved this book, also one I couldn’t get hold of for last assignment, lots of ideas for exploring with hand stitch.  Will be returning to it to look in more detail.

Perrin M (1999) Magnificent Molas The Arts of the Kuna Indians – lovely examples of reverse applique 

Quinn Bradley (2009) Textile Designers at the Cutting Edge Laurence King – fascinating insight to some of the designer textiles available today. 

Tellier-loumagne, Francoise (2006) The Art of Embroidery (Thames & Hudson) – Adored this book, wish it was in my collection – beautiful examples of embroidery, accompanied by photographs of inspiration. Another I couldn’t get hold of during last assignment.

Thittichai K (2011) Layered Textiles (Batsford) – very helpful information on tyvek, lutrador and evolon and heat tools.

Thittichai, K (2009) Experimental Textiles (Batsford) – useful section on developing design ideas.

Thorne, D (2009) Transparency in Textiles (Batsford) – useful section on shadow applique.

Triston J & Lombard R. (2014) Contemporary Applique (Batsford) – fantastic book, should be on the reading list.

Wolff C (1996) The Art of Manipulating Fabric (Chilton) – very informative but traditional. 

Embroidery Magazine, Sept/Oct 2014, The Photographer’s eye.  Melissa Zexter – embroidered photographs.

Selvedge Issue 62

Crafts Magazine Issue 252


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