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Part 3 Creating Shapes and Three-dimensional Forms – Stage 4 Raised and structured surface textures


I wasn’t very inspired at the prospect of this section, although it grew on me a little.   I started with  some gathering:


which wasn’t at all inspiring. I stitched one with wire which was interesting as it could be manipulated in different ways. As I was lacking enthusiasm, I chose to try out other techniques on a piece of hessian which was more enjoyable.  I particularly liked softness of the hand dyed muslin and the scrim and the turquoise linen meandering in folds across the centre.


I quite like the surface tied tucks, but think I like the texture of the thread, particularly the buttonhole thread, rather than the tucks.


I was inspired to try blind tucks undulated with top stitching by the work of Anne Kyrro Quinn who sculps felt into amazing creations and I was keen to see if I could create the same look.  An example of a cushion in that style can be found here

and my attempt at a similar look:


I was quite pleased with this although was surprised at how long it took, how much fabric was required and have learnt the importance of being accurate with measuring and neat with the sewing.  The wider the tucks, the wider the space needed between the rows to keep the fabric flat.

Some more tucks:


I tried narrower blind tucks, undulated by top stitching but they weren’t as successful as the ones above.  The tucks weren’t as evenly spaced as they could have been and I think each third needed to be a little wider for the best effect.  Also, the sample may have benefitted from being stitched to a foundation fabric to keep it flat.  I think the snip fringed tucks would look good on a bigger piece, distressed by washing.  I think the randomly stitched tucks have potential and are more suited to my less than mathematical approach!

I enjoyed hand stitching the pattern tucking with running stitch and overcast stitching:


I stitched the following during the last assignment on some old curtain lining and tested inktense pencils on it.  They weren’t very dynamic so I coloured it with some left over oil paint on a roller.  I have included it here as I think it shows the interesting surface texture quilting can produce.



2 thoughts on “Part 3 Creating Shapes and Three-dimensional Forms – Stage 4 Raised and structured surface textures

  1. These look impressive and no doubt have taken a lot of time. I do think they have great potential as they create more movement alongside dye and stitch. Patience seems to be required ? I really like the small narrow sample you made with lots of different bits. I would like to see a close up of this but will noo doubt see the real thing before it is parceled off ? Bye for now.

  2. Thank you. Yes, patience required. Think I probably needed to intersperse a few other activities to release and improve creativity! See you soon.

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