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Project 6 Manipulating fabric – Stage 4 Raised and structured surface textures – Reflection

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How does working with fabric in this way compare with working directly with stitch?

It can complement working with stitch and some interesting effects can be achieved.

Are you pleased with the shapes and movements that you have created in both applique and fabric manipulation?  What would you do differently?

Yes, I am pleased.   I thoroughly enjoyed the applique and making the final piece was really beneficial.  It pushed me creatively and proved to me that I have grown as an artist since I started the course and have the capability to produce my own work.  If I were to do it again, I might make some small adjustments, but overall it was good to be challenged.

It was harder to be motivated with the fabric manipulation.  With the applique I found it helped to make samples relating to my drawings, but found it difficult to relate the techniques covered in The Art of Manipulating Fabric by Colette Wolff to a more contemporary setting.  However, I did enjoy hand sewing the samples and was pleased with my final sample in this section, although as mentioned earlier I found it difficult working with a plain piece of fabric. (no colour, no texture).

How did the pieces work in relation to your drawings?  Were the final results very different from the drawings?  Did the fabric manipulation technique take over and dictate the final result?

Both pieces worked well in relation to my drawings.  I felt I had to improvise more with the fabric manipulation technique to try and capture some of the qualities of the bark.  I was delighted with the applique interpretation of the drawing.

Was it helpful to work from the  drawings in the applique exercise?  Would you have preferred to play directly with cut shapes and materials?

It was beneficial to work from the drawings, it helped me to focus and challenged me creatively, resulting in a more complex piece.

How do you feel about working with stitch in general?  Is it an area you would like to pursue in more depth?  Do you find it limiting in any way?

I love working with stitch, both hand and machine and will absolutely have to pursue it in more depth!  I don’t consider it limiting.


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