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Part 3 Creating Shapes and Three-Dimensional Forms – Reflective Commentary

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I enjoyed the Applique, found manipulating fabric less exciting, was challenged by the Research Points and continue to find the psychology of how I work frustrating but fascinating.

Applique – I loved working with fabric and stitch, pored over numerous books and expanded my skills.  I was very pleased with my final piece and felt I was challenged creatively.

Manipulating Fabric – I thumbed The Art of Manipulating Fabric by Colette Wolff numerous times hoping for inspiration but this book just didn’t do it for me.  It is a comprehensive collection of techniques and photographs but there must be more exciting books to add to the reading list.   (I wasn’t able to find copies of Nancy Crow’s Transitions or Alison Reid’s Sculpting with Stitch, so apologies if these had a more contemporary approach.)  Once I got going, I did enjoy aspects of the hand sewing and was pleased with the final sample.

Research Points –

Initially, these were a stumbling block for me, I love books and reading and am happy to gather information but I struggle with where to start and how to structure the writing.   However once started both points were very interesting.  Exploring fabric was enlightening, I was amazed by the array of fabrics out there, particularly at the high-end and looking at fashion in Vogue was a whole new area.  Overwhelming and exciting at the same time.

Looking at the Crafts Council website and reading the recently launched education manifesto Our Future is in the Making was also very interesting, I was reminded of how strongly I feel that art & craft should be valued, have a higher profile in schools and how important it is that the basic skills are passed on.

Theme book – I’m excited to work on the theme book and will be focusing on developing my sketchbook and drawing skills.

Psychology of my working practice – I find it so frustrating that any area of the coursework that concerns me, either because I don’t quite understand what’s required or feel I lack skill or confidence can create such a block that I struggle to move forward.  I have also found that once I get into the coursework, I find it difficult to remember to sketchbook or anything else related, so both of these are areas to focus on during the next assignment.

Creative Process – I feel I have made progress with the creative process, I can see that recording lots of interesting & exciting visual information is vital and then working with some of the drawings, reflecting on them, refining the ideas, reflecting, creating samples, reflecting and refining those are all important to the design process.

Reflecting on the Assessment criteria, I think I have shown development in all areas. My strengths include working with colour, free machine stitch and hand stitch, researching and exploring practical techniques.  My weaknesses, drawing and working in my sketchbook, developing design ideas and managing my time to include a balance of coursework, gathering source material and research.


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