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TEXTILES: Preparing for Higher Education – Sketchbooks – Stage 1 & 2

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Before continuing with Textiles 1 – A Creative Approach Assignment 4, I’m taking this extra Assignment from the Foundation Course to improve my confidence with Sketchbooks and making a concerted effort to spend time practising drawing.

Stage 1 – Preparation.

Taking an A1 sheet of cartridge paper, two concertina sketchbooks were constructed.

Stage 2 – Drawing from memory

The course notes suggest referring back to Part One, as I am taking this in isolation, I looked at someone else’s blog to determine what I should be using and have considered different tools, black marker pens & fineliners, charcoal, and ink.

Initially I started to work with marker pens and fineliners.

The exercise proved to be more challenging than I expected.  I found it really difficult to recall my journey well enough to draw it and to think of enough scenes to fill the sketchbook.  Also, I was working far too slowly, in too much detail, completing only a fifth of the piece in 40 minutes.  I was frustrated that there were things I ‘couldn’t draw’.  I was tempted to start again completely, but had a re-think.  I covered the first two sketches with clean paper, calculated that to complete it in an hour, I shouldn’t spend more than four minutes drawing each two segment section and began again using a fine paintbrush and Quink ink.

I managed to work more quickly but still found it difficult to be spontaneous, not to worry about how it looked and took about two and a half hours to finish it, taking into account thinking/planning time.

DSCF4257 DSCF4256


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