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TEXTILES: Preparing for Higher Education – Sketchbooks – Stage 3 – Drawing from Life

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I chose to draw a journey around my garden which was a bit ambitious as it was difficult to find sixteen different views!  I didn’t work very quickly.  I found I lost focus if I tried to work faster, so quick sketching is definitely something to work on.   However, I did feel more confident drawing and observing as the task progressed.

I enjoyed adding a bit more detail, but didn’t feel very confident working with coloured pencils.  Derwent coloursoft pencils are lovely to use, soft and vibrant, although I only have a small selection.  I like the effect of the water soluble pencils but used them quite tentatively, although adding some felt pen helped improve visual impact.  I found the concertina type sketchbook a bit stiff and awkward to work with.

DSCF4311DSCF4312 DSCF4313 DSCF4314 DSCF4333

Drawing from life was definitely easier for me than drawing from memory.  It was just so much better being able to constantly refer to the subject rather than rely on memory and imagination as with the drawn from memory journey.  Both sketchbooks were just a collection of images, although using the same media for each individual book gave it some unity.  I can see that the concertina type sketchbook would be a good way to present some projects, but it wouldn’t be my first choice for regular use.


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