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TEXTILES: Preparing for Higher Education – Sketchbooks – Additional Reading


Bleiweiss, Sue (2012) The Sketchbook Challenge  Potter Craft

A nicely presented selection of different artists journals sketchbooks and techniques.  Nothing new to me but a very enjoyable read.

Brereton, Richard (2009) Sketchbooks the hidden ART of designers illustrators and creatives Laurence King Publishing Limited

An interesting, eclectic, collection of the working sketchbooks of designers, illustrators and creatives, accompanied by a short narrative from each artist.

Gooding, Mel (1994) Patrick Heron (Phaidon)

A comprehensive, illustrated look at the work of Patrick Heron.

Greenlees, Kay (2005) Creating Sketchbooks for Embroiderers and Textile Artists

This is a more comprehensive book than The Sketchbook Challenge and Artists’ Journals and Sketchbooks.  It focuses on creating ‘Sketchbooks’ rather than journals.  I have revisited this book many times throughout my studies to help improve my confidence and each time, something else clicks into place.

Hornung, David ( 2004) Colour, A Workshop for Artists and Designers

A thorough and complex exploration of colour.  This too I have revisited several times. When I first encountered this book, it was a daunting tome, but the more I learn, the more valuable it becomes.

Perella Lynne (2004) Artists’ Journals & Sketchbooks Quarry Books

Similar to The Sketchbook Challenge above, this has a  selection of ideas and techniques for Journals and sketchbooks and different artists’ work.  My preference is for The Sketchbook Challenge as it’s a little more contemporary.

Piyasene, Sam & Philip, Beverly (2013) Just Draw It  Search Press Ltd.

An excellent book for those of us who just need to draw!  Lots of fabulous, user friendly ideas to get you putting pen/pencil to paper with details of specific Artists’ work to reference on practically every page.  Just do it!


2 thoughts on “TEXTILES: Preparing for Higher Education – Sketchbooks – Additional Reading

  1. Hi Nina, I am throughly enjoying your blog and finding much of it very useful and of interest to many of my friends. Would you be comfortable with me ‘reblogging’ some of your posts? Cheers Sally

  2. Hi Sally, Glad you’re enjoying it, I’m happy for you to ‘reblog’ my posts but if you do, please leave a comment and credit my work. Thanks, Nina

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