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Part 4 – Textile Structures – Analysing colour, texture and proportion

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Ref: Assignment 4, A3 Workbook pages 1-4

This exercise took me some considerable amount of time but I enjoyed the challenge of mixing yarns to match the images.  I improvised by using some embroidery thread and mixed colours by layering some yarns.


This was my first attempt.  I used coloured pencils to try and accurately reproduce all the colours I could see.  It was more difficult than I was expecting.  It would have been a little easier if I hadn’t started by sticking the image into my book. Although I was reasonably happy with the pencil matching, I don’t think the large squares helped the overall comparison to the image and the patches of colour could have been bolder. I found it more accurate to match the yarn to the original image which suggests that my pencil matchings weren’t good enough!  I was very happy with the COLOUR of the windings.  I’m not sure if mixing the colours in this way is usual in this type of exercise but I was pleased with the outcome and found it interesting that a tone that appeared unsuitable on its own could be adjusted by adding another tone or colour and really enjoyed the challenge.   The PROPORTION of the red is not accurate, there is too much and the slightly fluffy pinkish red yarn is more dominant and the texture unsuitable.  The TEXTURE overall isn’t quite right, the rug wool is too matt and the embroidery thread a little shiny, although it helped lift the dull nature of some of the yarn.


Coloured pencils were used to match the colours which was reasonably successful. I used smaller squares and didn’t stick the picture in until I’d finished.  The COLOUR of the windings is not complete, I didn’t have any yarn in the tan tones for the darker tan chickens and having spend so long on the exercise decided against dyeing or buying some.  I am pleased with the other colour matches and happier with the TEXTURE.  The linen, silk and sisal gave a rougher texture which suited the image.


This was an ambitious choice but I loved the picture and the colours so went ahead. Using gouache paint to match the colours took some time with reasonable results but when preparing the winding, I used the image to match the yarns as it was easier to capture the nuances of tone.  I am very pleased with the outcome.  The COLOURs are reasonably accurate. The PROPORTION is a little out, I think there should be a little less blue (more evident in real life than the photograph suggests) and more terracotta. The TEXTURE is suggestive of the weathered nature of the buildings.

A more time-consuming exercise than I imagined but very interesting and enjoyable combining strands of yarn.


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