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Part 4 – Textile Structures – Project 8 Yarns – Stage 2 Experimenting with Structures

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Ref: Assignment 4 – A3 Workbook, pages 5-8

Woven previously painted paper:


Quite like this combination of two pieces of paper I wasn’t particularly fond of!


This one, I love.  The paper was a (backdrawing?) monoprint experiment.  Taking inspiration from the colours, I enjoyed adding texture with paper raffia, acrylic yarn, hessian, organza ribbon, sari silk strips.


On the left is a picture of a piece by Shaun West, published in Kim Thittichai’s book Experimental Textiles, which inspired me.  My attempts are disappointing.  Looking more closely at the inspiration, the cardboard packaging is ‘partly shredded’ giving different widths to the warp and there is greater variety in the weft.  The cardboard in my sample was too thick, stiff and difficult to work with, but the weft offered some interesting textures (raffia, cotton ribbon, music, paper raffia, cotton lace, ribbon, nylon lace printed ribbon and acrylic yarn.


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