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Workbook during Assignment 4

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Ref: Assignment 4, A4 Workbook

Experimenting with image transfer at a local Textile Group:


Some work on ‘Flowers’, a subject I had been considering for my Theme Book:

DSCF4388 DSCF4389

Looking at Escher and Millet when considering Aspects of Texture on a 2d surface as recommended by my tutor:


Sketching from an ‘actual object’ as recommended by my tutor:


A visit to Unravel, a local Festival of Knitting:



A really good day out.  Lots of vibrant stalls, amazing selection of yarn (if you’re a knitter), lots of textile interest, even if you’re not.

Trying to capture the curves and lines of tulips:

DSCF4395 DSCF4396

With hindsight, probably was a bit hasty with this but did make some progress with more careful observation of leaf on right.

Following feed back from additional Sketchbook module and reviewing feedback from Assignment 3, feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the pointers to work on:


Started by signing up for a Craftsy Course only ’10 Essential Techniques for Better Drawing”  Excellent teacher, well delivered course.  Probably a bit basic for most people, but lots of useful pointers for me, having had no formal drawing tuition.  (I only buy Craftsy courses when they are on offer, then they are usually good value)



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