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Review – Part 4 – Textile Structures – Project 8 Yarns

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Did you enjoy inventing constructed surfaces? Were you surprised at the results? Can you see a connection between your choice of materials and the types of structure you made?

I quite enjoyed inventing constructed surfaces and was surprised at the results of the plaited wire circle.  It almost asked to be made which is a new experience for me.  Starting with the shiny metal wire definitely influenced my choice of materials.

I was also drawn to the bamboo skewers to form a grid.  I had collected some twigs but the uniformity of the sticks was pleasing and the natural yarns complemented the bamboo.

Which samples worked best and why?

I am feeling guilty here that I didn’t make a selection of samples.  As I worked through the exercise the choices came quite naturally to me and I proceeded without thinking about experimenting with other structures.  I worked the grid a bit and unpicked a couple of yarns that didn’t suit and played with the composition.  With hindsight I see that my experiments, although limited, should have been documented and my workbook doesn’t show the development of ideas.   I am aware that I have felt a time pressure throughout this assignment which may have affected my approach, but I think I am less interested in inventing constructed surfaces than some of the exercises in previous assignments.

I think both samples worked reasonably well.  I liked the simplicity of the metal circle and the limited materials that reflected the light.  The natural grid with its textural materials and limited palette was also pleasing. Neither particularly excited me.

DSC_5912 DSC_5916

How accurate were you in matching all the colours in your postcard, with paints, yarns/other materials?

I was surprised at how exciting and satisfying I found matching yarns to images.

I chose to used coloured pencils for two of the images as I lack experience with that media, which showed,  I found it quite difficult to be accurate but think I made a reasonable attempt.  I commented on the lack of tan’s in the chicken yarns and the too great a proportion of reds in the left hand picutre.

DSCF4401 DSCF4402

I felt the gouache paint matching was a little more successful than the coloured pencils and was particularly pleased with the yarns.


I am aware that the course manual said “wind the yarns so that they don’t overlap or make more than one layer but are butted-up to each other”.   Standing alone many of my yarns did not match the picture, but by combining and overlapping the yarns I was able to match the colours better overall.  I commented in my previous post that the proportions were not accurate.



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