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Part 4 – Textile Structures – Project 9 Woven Structures – Further Review

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Did you have enough variety in your collection of yarns and other materials?  Which kind of yarns, etc., did you use most? How do their characteristics affect the look and feel of each sample?

I felt I had enough variety or yarns and other materials to explore as a first time weaver.  I preferred the natural yarns, cotton boucle, silk tussah, cotton tape, linen, shetland and worsted wool.  I liked the subtle tactile and visual textural changes they produced.

How did you find weaving in comparison to the other techniques you’ve tried?  Did you find it slow or too limiting?

I did find it very slow, but this was only frustrating because I was too close to my deadline.  I don’t think it is limiting, I’m really not sure sure how I find weaving in comparison to other techniques.  I don’t think I like it as much but I found learning a new technique absorbing and I am interested in texture and can see the versatility of weaving in developing designs in response to investigating texture.

How do you feel about your finished sample?  Are you happy with the relationship of the textures, proportions, colour and pattern to the finished size?  Is there any part that you would want to change?  If so, try to identify exactly how and why you would change it.

Although I felt it had potential, I wasn’t very happy with my final sample.  I felt it looked amateurish.  I was quite pleased with the type of texture, and the relationship of textures, proportions and pattern of the lower portion of the weave from the upper cream to the bottom brown section, but the quality of the weaving could be improved upon and the colours more finely tuned.  I would improve on the shape of the second (grey) and third section (brown) from the top by making them more flowing and more in keeping with the lower segments, I would adjust the colours to match the hand painted papers more closely and practice weaving to produce consistently more flowing lines and subtly combined colours.

Was their any stage in the whole design process that you felt went wrong?  How would you tackle this process differently another time?  

As previously mentioned, the second cartoon was carelessly reproduced as the 2nd and 3rd shapes were distorted and the colours rearranged with insufficient review.  As I wove from this cartoon, this error directly affected the final sample.    In addition, my yarns didn’t precisely match the painted papers which I would also rectify by hand dying if necessary.

Belatedly I realise that for an ‘intuitive’ piece, I ignored my intuition and slavishly worked from the cartoon although I wasn’t happy.  I became stressed and rushed as I was working past my deadline into time I had set aside for my Theme book and this is reflected in my work.

Which did you enjoy more – working from the source material of putting colours together intuitively? Why?

I enjoy putting colours together intuitively.  I love colour and found it very enjoyable combining different yarns to produce different tones.   I can have strong opinions about the nuances of combining certain colours and might find working from source material inhibiting.


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