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Assignment 4 – Books

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Books that have supported this section include:

Jefferies J & Quinn B, Monem N (ed) (2008) Contemporary Textiles: The Fabric of Fine Art  (Black Dog Publishing)

Very useful for the Research point at the beginning of Assignment 4

Lee R. (2010) Three Dimensional Textiles, Coils, Loops, Knots and Nets Batsford

Colourful book, lots of photographs of ‘Three Dimensional Textiles, Coils, Loops, Knots and Nets’!

Maslen, Mick & Southern, Jack (2014) Drawing Projects an exploration of the language of drawing (Black Dog Publishing)

A book, reviewed by Rebecca Fairley, which claims to contain ‘a set of aims and objectives within an established framework that collectively assemble into what might be called “a Foundation Course in Drawing”.  I have tried some of the exercises and have found it very interesting so far.

Monaghan, Kathleen & Joyner, Hermon (2000)  You Can Weave  Davis Publications Inc

A book containing ‘Projects for Young Weavers’, well photographed and useful for the beginner.

Sheehan & Tebley S (2003) Ann Sutton Lund Humphries

Walsh P (2006) The YarnBook A&C Black

Lots of information about the history, production, fibre content and construction of yarn 

Wilcox T & Penny C (2011) Tapestry A Woven Narrative, Black Dog Publishing

Big reference book containing a little history and lots of colour pics and profiles of contemporary weaving & artists


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