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Assignment 4 – Textile Structures – Reflective Commentary & Self Assessment

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Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills: I think I have demonstrated reasonable technical skills throughout the assignment, am working on my observational skills for drawing and have shown an improvement in design and compositional skills.

Quality of Outcome: I have been disciplined in completing workbooks during this assignment which I think are presented in a coherent manner. Research work was more thorough and considered. I might have missed an opportunity to experiment more with structures and materials. I continue to be discerning and have shown more evidence of the conceptualisation of my thoughts and attempted to communicate my ideas more visually.

Demonstration of Creativity: I enjoyed working through the assignment and think I demonstrated creativity. Whilst I was interested to experiment and develop a new skill and used a variety of materials, I wasn’t inspired by unusual materials such as plastics & polythene and this perhaps limited my imagination, experimentation and invention. A careful review of my work identified preferences and strengths, which will contribute to the development of my personal voice

Context: I think I have a much better understanding of Graduate Textile Art in context, having investigated the research points more thoroughly, visited a comprehensive local textile exhibition and the UCA Farnham Graduate show, enabling me to make some valuable comparisons. I think reflection and critical thinking continue to be amongst my strengths.

My new regular weekly three hour art class has introduced me to the work of more artists and I can clearly see that regular drawing is an essential part of my development and success as an artist rather than a desirable skill.

I feel I need a more relaxed, experimental approach but am finding it difficult to let go of a ‘school’ mentality of being set a task, completing it and moving on to the next thing.   This tendency to ‘follow rules’ ie coursework instructions, means that the allocation of my time is still in favour of coursework to the detriment of independent work such as research, exhibition visits, sketchbook work and in this assignment, the Theme Book. I’m very frustrated that I didn’t spend more time on the Theme book as it was an exciting prospect at the start of this assignment and I kept putting it off in favour of finishing coursework, which still took me a week over my deadline.

Strengths include identifying areas for improvement, working with colour, clear presentation.

Weaknesses: allocating time effectively across all course requirements, a lack of confidence in pushing boundaries, experimentation and invention, particularly in 3d.

Areas for continued attention: observational drawing, sketchbook, research artists and exhibitions.

Immediate requirement to continue work on theme.


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