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A Creative Approach – Part 5 – A piece of your own – Project 10 A design project – Stage 1 Reviewing your work so far

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The instruction in this section is to think about how different techniques could combine to create a further development of ideas.  To look for shape and form in samples and drawings for ideas for a larger more defined piece of work.  To generate lots of ideas and make a selection of the strongest and most interesting to take forward.  …   its all about selection, development and evaluation … Explore the full potential of an idea and evaluate to determine the direction to pursue.

It was interesting to revisit all the work completed so far and ascertain what interested me.  From Assignments 1 & 2; free machining, black thread on white; markal paintsticks on paper drawn or brushed, then rubbed with finger;


colour collages of papers, fabric magazine, thread etc;

DSCN2730 DSCN2729

envelope scrap books, really helped me work more freely;


stitch samples; discharging complex dyed cloth; using textured wallpaper for printing;  multi or 2-3 coloured tray dyed fabric; stencil discharge; printing on paper; monoprints off glass; printing with thickened procion dyes.


Most inspirational work to take forward from Assignment 2 was the envelope scrap book covers, using printed, tray dyed fabric randomly pieced without much thought to present other assignment samples.  Using this type of fabric, printed and/or discharged, combined with hand and free-machine stitch is very exciting to me.

DSCN2871 DSCN2879

From assignment 3, the mixed textural paper, linen, newspaper, hessian final piece is quite appealing

SCAN0011  DSCF4240

From the Sketchbook Foundation module; printing on fabric with acrylic paint to give texture, black on white/white on black?; print block created with tile spacers; layered printing; crumpled paper as a background painted and stitched; black quink bleached back.



Assignment 4.  Enjoyed image transfer; daisies stitched on crumpled paper joined with stitch,


combining natural cotton, linen, silk yarns and colours; the combination of magenta & turquoise textured paper/hessian weave,


wrapping; orange/blue weave with worsted wool as warp;


colours of following painted papers;



Preferred Techniques: free machining, hand stitch on cloth & paper, textural printing on cloth, discharging, dyeing art cloth for that purpose, printing on paper, mixing paper and textural fabric, painting using roller on fabric to give texture.


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