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A Creative Approach – Part 5 – A piece of your own – Project 10 A design project – Stage 2 Focusing on your Theme Book


This section asks us to focus on the theme book to identify drawings, colour mood or pictures which ‘hold my attention strongly’ and consider how they might be developed through further drawings and design ideas, ensuring that there is enough information to work with in terms of colour, texture, shape and composition and that I “feel enthusiastic enough to sustain interest throughout the project”


I really enjoyed finding papers and snippets of fabric to match or complement the colours of these heuchera and love the colour combination of the strong lime, orange, green and aubergine.


I wasn’t particularly inspired by the rusty bolt, but loved the turquoise and rust colour combination.


I enjoy visual texture produced by printing.


I like the positive shapes of the fern and leaves and the negative space between each leaf, also the painterly look of both the transfer painted print and the spray onto fabric and paper.


The curves of the animal fur on dark paper with pastels and charcoal, developed into stitch on painted canvas would be interesting to develop.


I can see some energy and potential in producing this type of lino print and playing with the shapes, having experimented with an easy cut lino print after looking at Mark Hearld’s work (mustard & black print right hand side).


The magazine cutting far left (an illustration by Mark Hearld) confirmed how petrol blues and oranges appeal to me, and continuing on an earlier theme, prints of leaves and ferns produced some lovely visual texture, as did experimenting with decorating papers, all inspired by Mark Hearld.

A reminder of the fabric covers from Assignment 2 inspiring further development:


Having reviewed my theme book and all work to date, development of ideas will be inspired by petrols and oranges, the greens and aubergine of the heuchera, printing with leaves or lino-cut, layering fabric & prints, free machine and hand stitch.


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