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A Creative Approach – Assignment 5 – Final Reflections on the course


At the start of the course, my aim was to be able to develop original work as an artist which I am now in a position to do. I believe I have a very good understanding of what A Creative Approach was aiming to teach, but that it is a process of continued development and as this is my first experience of art education and first Level 1 course, there is considerable room for development.

I have been asked to reflect on ‘what has happened to me during the course’.  I have learnt so much, have enjoyed much of the work, but there have been highs and lows.  Distance learning is flexible but sometimes difficult, particularly with a practical subject.  So much was new to me that at times it was overwhelming and I have spent considerable energy worrying. Worrying whether I had interpreted the instructions correctly or if I was doing the ‘right’ thing.  I spent far more time on it than the suggested hours and wonder if I’m slow, too thorough, not focussed enough.

I can see how important drawing is and even enjoy it now, but still find it difficult to do regularly. I understand the design process and how generating lots of ideas allows the process and materials guide the outcome, although I may not have demonstrated this.  My horizons need broadening to help identify more things I am drawn to visually, which helps with motivation.  My biggest hurdle is a lack of confidence, I need to loosen up and let go.  I am inhibited by a ‘neat and tidy’ approach and my work is often tight and lacking energy.  I need to work directly into a sketchbook regularly and visit more galleries and exhibitions showing a variety of artists’ work.

I have gained confidence and skills and am pleased to have produced a unique piece that is all my own work.

Considering the Assessment criteria, I feel I have made significant improvement since Assignment 1.

Demonstration of Technical and visual skills – these are continuing to develop, but taking more risks, drawing more, identifying areas of interest and manipulating these will aid the process.

Quality of outcome – I think that generally this is good although there is always room for improvement.

Demonstration of Creativity – I believe I demonstrate creativity but understand that repeated experimentation and invention will improve and contribute to the development of my personal voice

Context reflection, research, critical thinking.  I think I am a harsh critic and sometimes need to let go but that overall I have shown the potential for developing good self reflection and research skills with more focus on other artists required.

In conclusion, I have really developed as an artist and have improved confidence but am aware of my shortcomings and need to get a more positive balance so that the pleasure outweighs the angst, get out more, loosen up, let go, take risks and keep persevering.


4 thoughts on “A Creative Approach – Assignment 5 – Final Reflections on the course

  1. You have indeed developed a great deal of skills and processes. It is a constant journey which is growing and sending out roots as well as shifting stuff. I love much of your work and your ability to have a go; to get the materials, read instructions and get going. It takes motivation. Your samples are delicious; some of them I want for myself !! I look forward to future works.

  2. Worry, that was my abiding memory from my City & Guilds course. I spend loads of time pouring over and trying to interpret the instructions. In the end it threatened to overturn the whole course and almost drained all of the fun out of it. So when I started ATV I was determined not to go down that road again. I read the instructions yes, I reflect using them but that’s it. I just bloody go for it now!! I’ve also learnt that confidence comes from habit. Just keep drawing, do lots, keep a day book and draw every time you can. It soon becomes addictive!! Keep at it, it’s all a learning experience and your work is fabulous x

  3. Thanks, really appreciate your comments. I admire the enthusiasm your blog and instagram reflect as you ‘go for it’ and will aim for a bit more of that!

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