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Supplementary work to Assignment 4 in response to Tutor Report

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Tutor Report Assignment 4

Nina O’Connor 513049 (2)

I was frustrated that I hadn’t identified that the blue and grey yarns used in my final piece were too similar, didn’t provided the contrast I sought and didn’t match my painted paper sample. In addition, I found some shapes difficult to produce.

My tutor’s comments:  “I think you sensed you had some issues with achieving the colours and proportions you wanted here (page 36). I think this is because surface texture will change how a colour is perceived, so although a colour/tone may look right in the paper collages, you have to make adjustments when working with fibre based materials. One issue with weaving is that it is such a slow process, that often you might see something is wrong, but you haven’t got time to put it right. This is why both wool windings are so useful, to explore both texture and proportion of colour. (It would have been useful to see one at this stage – don’t think of them as simply analysis tools).

You would have also solved your problems by sampling in fibre based materials for the final collages, rather than confining yourself to paper. (You might want to re-visit this in the period after assignment 5 and assessment – improve your assignment by adding some alternative designs in fabric or wools on a small scale. )

In response to the above comments, the following small windings and samples were produced.  I’m kicking myself that I didn’t think to do either at the time as both windings and a small sample would have solved my problems before I started.    The windings give a very quick indication if the colours work well together and the samples are ideal for trying out designs.  This has been a useful exercise.



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