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TEXTILES: Preparing for Higher Education – Sketchbook Module – Tutor Report & My thoughts

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Nina O’Connor 513049

Click on the above for the Tutor Report for the Sketchbook Module I have recently completed as an extra unit alongside the Textiles 1 course.

The feed back is positive and very useful, giving lots of pointers on how to develop my drawing.  I am pleased with the suggestions and excited to proceed with developing my drawing and extending the sketchbook work started in this module. However, I feel overwhelmed and daunted at the prospect of working on this alongside the coursework, theme book, looking regularly at the work of textile designers and artists, remembering to reference and use visuals where appropriate, visit the occasional exhibition etc, etc.   I’m certain I will have difficulty fitting all that’s required into the 10 hours per week recommended in the course notes. Fortunately, I am able to spend more time than that on my work but I’m more aware than ever that part of the development required for a degree level course is to manage time and work effectively and this is perhaps my greatest challenge in Assignment 4.


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